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Collaboration Project: OCO Global

February 20, 2024
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In order to support the Foreign Direct Investment Attraction Strategy for 2024, the State of Chihuahua will expand its presence in the international markets, with the representation in 4 target countries: Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, through a collaboration project with the company OCO GLOBAL, a firm specialized at investment attraction representation, in order to bring qualified prospects to the state. This strategy seeks to accelerate and leverage the awareness of Chihuahua State for business opportunities for European companies that are looking to start or expand their operations in Mexico.

During the last week of January, the State Government of Chihuahua, through the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development (SIDE), in conjunction with Promotion for the Economic Development of Chihuahua (PRODECH), kicked off the strategy by welcoming the representation team in the state. During their visit, the representation team toured different cities in the state, such as Juárez, Chihuahua, Cuauhtémoc and Delicias, and visited transnational and local companies in the most representative sectors of the state. Likewise, during the mission there was interaction with the main industry clusters and representatives of the private initiative, to learn more about the needs of each industry and the productive and industrial capacities of the state, and gain insight on the type of companies that are valuable for the state, and specifically, competitive for each region.

By engaging directly with Chihuahua's industrial community, this collaboration aims to identify new opportunities, such as value chain gaps, in order to attract the right sub-sectors to achieve sustainable growth across the industrial supply chain. Also, this initiative is looking to build a stronger relationship with our already stablished productive ecosystem, fostering trust and rapport for meaningful to attract new business to support their growth and success.

Let's take advantage of this opportunity to form valuable alliances and build relationships that showcase the great value proposition that the State of Chihuahua can bring for business opportunities and long-term partnerships for companies that want to expand across the USMCA region.

Thank you, team, for your commitment to this effort. Together, we will make this investment attraction strategy in the market a resounding success.

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